Our Mission

Skyground Media is a technology partner with a focus on pioneering new forms of online media for start-ups, non-profits other companies of social impact.

Our Vision

Whatever we do, we do it differently. We don’t fear risk, we embrace it. We are continuously improving upon the materials we work with, the activities we undertake, the strategies we build, and the rules we break. We’re passionate about what we do and why we do it; to bridge the gap between digital experiences and analog moments. This passion will take us to where we belong, at the forefront, leading the way, making impact both locally and globally in a unified, human-first way.

Who Are We?

Skyground Media is venture technology partner that builds and invests in digital products and start-ups by providing technology and resources rather than cash. The team is made up of researchers, business developers, writers, designers, hackers, and other artists dedicated to building sustainable businesses of any scale.

What We Do

Web Apps

We build beautiful web applications. A web app is more than a web page, it's your brand and we're committed to helping you achieve your communication goals as simply and as clearly as possible.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps vary in size, complexity and scale but we understand how to help you organize and execute your ideas into a pocket-sized tool.

TV Apps

Our team has experience designing and building TV apps for Apple TV, Android, and Roku. Feel free to contact us with your specific idea.

Back-end API

Oftentimes, the API is the heart and soul of any web, mobile, or TV application. We're familiar with both SQL and SQL-less databases and can help you build your paywall, user registration system, or payment processor.